Schulenburg Public Library


Schulenburg Public Library joins SimplyE to offer users On-Line downloadable e-Books for IOS & Android mobile devices

Schulenburg Public Library joins the first wave of small rural libraries to
offer their card holders Texas E-Read on-line downloading for a large
selection of e-books, including popular fiction and non-fiction titles in
sufficient copies to keep hold lists short. The SimplyE mobile app can be
downloaded from either Apple or Android app stores. Both types of mobile
devices can access the catalog of titles by providing a library card ID
number for login ID, and its associated phone number as the required PIN
Patrons can browse the e-book bookshelf, click to select a title, click again
to check it out and click to open and read it. This three click feature of the
SimplyE app makes titles from locally acquired e-books and others now
on the Texas OverDrive system easy to select and read. Library Director,
Thadious Polasek, believes that the new program will be very popular by
the Library’s rapidly growing number of e-book reading adult patrons.
For additional information and questions, please contact a member of the
Schulenburg Public library staff at (979) 743-3345.

by Don Carpenter