Schulenburg Public Library

Barbara Ortwein will have a book talk.

Barbara will play the guitar and sing songs that go with the passages she reads. The public is invited to the book presentation and signing.

Barbara Ortweiwill have a book talk and signing at The Schulenburg Public Library Monday, November 14th from 6:30 to 7:30pm.  Barbara will also play the guitar and sing songs that go with the passages she reads. 

Barbara Ortwein is a German author who writes about Texas History.   The public is invited to the book presentation and signing.  

 In her 3 exciting historic novels,  Barbara Ortwein tells the story of the Engelbach family  from Germany &  their many  compatriots who emigrate from Germany to Texas.  Having done extensive research in Germany, Texas, and the former Indian Territory (Oklahoma), she has her fictional main  characters, the Engelbach family, interact with historic people including many of the actual immigrants involved in the history of the German settlements in Texas.  You may well be descendants of these historic people in her books.

Barbara Ortwein’s  historical trilogy:.

BETWEEN WORLDS, NEVER TO RETURN : introduces the main fictional characters, Johann and his father Karl Engelbach from Hesse,  who emigrate from Germany to Texas with the Noblemen’s Society in 1844.  They were accompanied by many real German emigrants from all over Germany, as well as, with the actual historical leaders of this emigration project.

IN THE HEART OF TEXAS BUT NOT YET AT HOME : continues the saga showing what the German settlers had to deal with from 1847 to 1861 when they desperately tried to survive in the wilderness of the Texas Hill Country and in other places in Texas too.  This second book of the sequel tells of the hard times they had to go through during the Civil War since the Germans wanted to stay true to the Union.

AT JOURNEY’S END: TEXANS FOREVER : concludes the Texas trilogy from 1865 to 1898. Though the Engelbachs and their friends and neighbors have to endure a hard time of lawlessness and Indian attacks after the Civil War, better times lead to their economic and social success at last with the cattle drives and the development of the oil industry .

Barbara Ortwein’s  “Book Talks” are family friendly and free to the institutions which accept her presentations as well as those who attend them.